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About Us

Top ten industrial invention patent enterprises of Yangzhou in 2018 2018/03/01

Top 10 private enterprises of Yangzhou industrial tax payment in 2018 2018/03/01

Top 10 enterprises invested in industrial R & D in Yangzhou in 2018 2018/03/01

The 12th China listed companies value selection gem listed companies value of the top 50 - securities times 2018/04/01

China semiconductor industry association, the top ten semiconductor power device enterprises in 2018 (no.1) 2018/05/01


2017 hanjiang district second - class meritorious service enterprise 2018/02/01

2017 hanjiang district second - class meritorious service enterprise 2018/02/01

2017 China semiconductor power device top ten enterprises (second) - China semiconductor industry association 2018/04/01

The second batch of jiangsu province mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base 2018/08/01

2016-2017 "talent gathering demonstration unit" of yangzhou city 2018/09/01

Jiangsu provincial science and technology department of jiangsu provincial new and high technology industry development zone 2018/10/01

November 2018 -- listed enterprise award of weiyang economic development zone 2018/11/01

Excellent enterprise of harmonious labor relations in jiangsu province 2018/12/01


Top 100 industrial enterprises in yangzhou in 2016 2017/05/01

2016 China's top ten semiconductor power device enterprises 2017/03/01

2016 outstanding contribution enterprise award (huisi town) 2017/01/01

2016 enterprise of scale award (huisi town) 2017/01/01


"Spring bud project" advanced collective 2016/08/01

Yangzhou higher vocational and technical school electronic engineering students employment internship base 2016/06/01

Yangzhou city at all levels of quality award enterprise honor book 2016/05/01

Jiangsu province private enterprise culture construction "model unit" title 2016/03/01

Jiangsu province 38 red flag collective title 2016/03/01

Yangzhou city credit management model enterprise certificate 2016/03/01

2015 "second-class merit" plaque of meritorious service enterprise (awarded by district committee and district government) 2016/02/01

Charity star of the year 2015 (awarded by the government of huaisi town) 2016/01/01

Yangzhou hanjiang district workers pioneer 2016/01/01


Yangzhou municipal people's congress legislative work grassroots legislative contact point 2015/11/06

Frame bridge business division of yangzhou city hanjiang district youth civilization honorary title 2015/11/06

The communist youth league won the honorary title of yangzhou hanjiang district May 4th red flag youth league committee 2015/11/06

Yangzhou enterprise overseas development promotion association governing units 2015/10/05

2015 national electronic information industry outstanding innovation enterprise title 2015/09/03

Yangzhou university education contribution award 2015/09/03

Honorary certificate of "love ambassador" of yangzhou city of jiangsu yangjie (issued by women's federation and foundation) 2015/08/02

"Demonstration unit" of cultural construction of private enterprises in yangzhou 2015/07/01

Photovoltaic business division of yangzhou city hanjiang district youth safety production demonstration post honorary title 2015/06/06

Yangzhou city labor security integrity model unit 2015/06/01

Hanjiang district President quality award 2015/05/01

Secondary enterprise of safety production standardization (machinery) 2015/04/01

April 2015 yangzhou hanjiang district model worker innovation studio 2015/04/01

2014 advanced production safety unit 2015/03/01

In March 2015, won the title of women's civilization post of jiangsu province (finance department) 2015/03/01

2014 tax contribution award for industrial enterprises (hanjiang district) 2015/02/01

In February 2015, won the second prize of 2014 meritorious service enterprise (hanjiang district)) 2015/02/01

In February 2015, the 2014 annual honor book of advanced collectives and advanced individuals in economic and social development was published 2015/02/01

Best employer 2015/01/01

List of winners of yangzhou mayor quality award 2015

Yangda education foundation "the heart holds the love of education" 2015


2013-2014 national "speak ideal, compare contribution" activity advanced academician expert workstation honor title 2014/12/11

Enterprise culture top-level design and practice of the grassroots outstanding unit title 2014/11/01

2013-2014 honorary title of innovation team in the activity of "speak the ideal, make contribution and strive to realize the Chinese dream" in jiangsu province2014/10/01

District education development promotion council member certificate 2014/09/01

Yangzhou city cadre education training site teaching base 2014/08/01

Jiangsu province management innovation demonstration enterprise 2014/05/01

Yangzhou city women civilization post 2014/05/01

National workers pioneer (diode division) 2014/04/01

2013 second class meritorious service enterprise (hanjiang district) 2014/02/01

"Youth civilization" of yangzhou hanjiang district 2014

Yangzhou city labor security integrity model unit 2014


2013 national electronic information industry outstanding innovative enterprises 2013/12/01

Jiangsu province workers pioneer (diode business unit) 2013/04/01

Integrity protection model unit (MCHB) 2013


Won the 2012 hanjiang district hope project dream action "love enterprise" title 2012/08/01

In August 2012, it was awarded the title of advanced collective for the implementation of "spring bud plan" in yangzhou 2012/08/01

Yangzhou May Day labor certificate 2012/04/01


Yangzhou weiyang economic development zone outstanding contribution enterprises 2011/07/01


"New jiangsu business 100" 2010 jiangsu most growth enterprise honorary title 2010/12/01

Won the title of "double top ten caring mothers" in yangzhou in the donation activity of "spring bud project" 2010/09/01


Yangzhou city labor security integrity model unit 2009