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Automotive Products
Automotive Products

Product Introduction
1.Small signal automotive electronics voltage 2.4V~400V,current 0.015A~1A;The main application is the vehicle multimedia headlight system control dashboard electric windshield control wiper control battery management system charging pile electric sunroof control;
2.Chip automotive electronic rectifier product voltage50V~1000V,current 1A~8A,Schottky rectifier product voltage 20V~200V,current 1A~20A,Protective product voltage 10V~190V,power400W~6000W;Mainly for the application of on-board multimedia, dashboard, headlamp control, electric window control, vehicle load surge protection;
3.Automobile electronic product special line production, strict process control, meet high quality;
4.Automobile electronic chip adopts car gauge chip technology to meet high reliability;
5.Load protection components meet the requirements of iso7637-2 and iso16750-2;
6.All automotive products are AEC-Q101 qualified, and PPAP documents can be provided.


Product Advantage
1.Advanced automatic production equipment to ensure product accuracy and stable reliability;
2.Automotive electronic process method to ensure that process parameters control error – free;
3.Fully automated production process;
4.Advanced MES manufacturing system monitors the production process of products;
5.Special line equipment engineers and operators of automotive electronic products all hold the vehicle regulation level certificate;
6.All product development is conducted in accordance with the APQP process;
7.All products comply with AECQ101 reliability test standard, available for PPAP system data;
8.The company system has passed IATF16949 and ISO9001 certification。

New products Announcement
Automotive Products Specification

BZT52B2V4 THRU BZT52B47-SOD-123-海鷗腳

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