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Product Introduction
1.The new IGBT products have 600v~1200v voltage and 50A~400A current;
The new IGBT products are mainly used in inverter, UPS, welder and other industrial control applications;
2.The new IGBT products have 34mm&62mm half bridge and single unit brake module in SOT-227 package;
3.The new IGBT products have imported chips packaged inside which provide stable parameters and good consistency. This series of IGBT can be used in parallel connection circuit;
4.The new IGBT products are produced with all RoHS compliant materials.



Product Advantage
1.Junction Temperature -40~175℃;
2.High Turn-off Switching Speed ;
3.Low Saturation Voltage ;
4.Soft Turn-off Switching Characteristic;
5.Strong Short Circuit Durability.

New products Announcement
IGBT Specification

MG75U12MRGJ Rev.1.2(1)MG75HF12MRC1 Rev.2.0MG100HF12MRC1 Rev.2.0(1)MG150HF12MRC2 Rev.2.0(1)MG200HF12MRC2 Rev.2.0(1)

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