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Product Introduction
1.The new TO-247 products have FRD chips packaged inside. The chips are processed in planar technology with surface passivation. The new TO-247 products have good reliability which can endure high temperature
and have stable Qrr.
2.The new TO-247 products have high reverse breakdown voltage (VB=600V~1200V) and shorter recovery time (Trr=30ns~60ns), thus featured with stronger durability and efficiency compared with other high voltage products.
3.The new TO-247 products have lower forward voltage (VF) and reverse leakage current (IR), thus featured with lower power dissipation.
4.The new TO-247 products are produced with all RoHS compliant materials.


Product Advantage
1.Low VF and IR;
2.Strong IFSM ability;
3.Low power dissipation and high efficiency;
4.Environment friendly assembly process;
5.High temperature durability.

New products Announcement
TO-247?FRD Specification


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