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SGT Mosfet
SGT Mosfet

Product Introduction
1.Product voltage 60V~150V,current 3A~200A,Cover SOT-23、SOP-8、TO252、TO263、TO220、DFN3333、PDFN5060 packaging form,t is widely used in the field of electric tools, mobile phone, quick charging, electric car, sweeping robot, balancing car energy storage equipment and so on;
2.Product chip parameters are stable , high reliability capability;
3.Use environment-friendly materials to meet RoHS standards.


Product Advantage
1.Working temperature range from 55℃~150℃;
2.Independent design of the chip, with very low conduction resistance;
3.Cover SOT-23 SOP-8 TO-252 TO-263 TO-220 DFN-3333 PDFN-5060 and other packaging forms, a wide variety of, to meet a variety of different applications.

New products Announcement
SGT Mosfet Specification


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