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Product Introduction
1.New-design package: SME.
2. High power TVS device, used for 5G base station
power supply lightning protection, can replace
Bourns PTVS 10-M series.
3.With environmentally friendly materials meeting
RoHS standards.
4.Surface mount package meeting the requirements
of lead-free SMT process.

Product Advantage
1.High Peak Pulse Current
IPP max:10000A (8/20us Pulse)
IPP max:800A (10/350us Pulse)
2.Glass passivation + SIPOS chip design, good high temperature
characteristics and high reliability.
3.Multi-layer chip stacking + clip design, high integration and
good performance.
4.Compared with the traditional MOV technology, the advanced
silicon-based chip technology can still maintain a low clamping
capacity under the conditions of high inrush current.

New products Announcement
SME Specification


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